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April 23rd, 2007

11:18 pm - Housing
Uhg I am looking for aplace next year and I was supposed to live in a place but that deal fell through cause the old people would not move out is any one looking for a roommate i will be a grad student next year.

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October 17th, 2005

02:03 pm - R.I.P. "The Echo"
Last night at around 8:30 the Echo, My beloved car, was totaled. I was driving my grandmother home down 90 west, when all of the sudden I saw a huge object across the entire middle lane so I put my blinker on breaked and changed lanes the car behind me also changed lanes but he was following me too closely and slammed into the back of my car. This caused my car to spin out and Hit the Median Barrier. It was obvious to me then that the Echo, My Echo was totaled. My Grandma began freaking out about how close we had just come to death I remained calm I knew that I wasn't going to die. I hugged my hysterical grandma and reassured her that she was alright and that we are alive and that’s all that matters. I talked to the police officer gave him my license and registration and waited for the tow truck. I rode with the tow truck to Sturbridge where my grandma's car was and then back to Worcester. The tow truck driver had masters in business and a BA in biology which really shows how our economy is doing but that’s another story. Luckily, the tow guy was nice enough to drop me off at Clark.

I will miss the Echo it was more than just a car to me the Echo was the car I learned to drive in, the Echo was my house for a week this summer, the Echo was mine. The Echo will be remembered for its efficiency its amazing ability to park any where, the 005 Canada tour, and countless rescues from rain, late trains, and late planes.

Zoolander: Oh. I thought you were going to tell me what a bad eugugalizer I am. Matilda: A what? Zoolander: A eugugalizer-one who speaks at funerals, or did you think I'd be too stupid to know what a eugugoly is?
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Mozart - Requiem

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January 8th, 2005

10:48 pm
Ok it’s been a while but I haven’t heard any complaints and you’re prolly really bored if you’re reading this. So for the past few days I was in mass hanging out with Clark friends which was awesome. I went shopping with tor Alana and Huyen in the Solomon pound mall which was fun but we were there for around nine hours and I am pretty sure every ones legs were worn out Tor especially because of the heavy weight of the 14 to 15 necklaces he bought. after that and we hung out over in my suite and Tor and hoyden talked about weird animals they eat in Thailand and Vietnam the most popular thing seemed to be snake blood. the next day I went down to Munson and hung out with Thomas Julian and because I got snowed in watched no less than 35 hours of anime which mainly consisted of Azumanga Daiho and Bleach both of which I highly recommend. I thought I would have more to say about my time in mass t seems like I did allot more and it certainly was better than described here.... Hehe My lil sister is on the Mac and it just froze on her as much as my computer may over heat and such I am really glad to have a computer that works with most programs and has a right clicking mouse, and despite the fact that the Mac we have stinks my lil sis insists on using it...
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Smashing Pumpkins- 1979

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December 18th, 2004

09:45 pm

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So I'm home form Clark since thursday so far I've hung out with some old friends and such but I miss the college freedom, the college atmosphere, and most the people. But I guess there some exchange I get to see old friends, my dog, and my car(well actually its my moms car but I take better care of it and I'm a better driver) Also being away from school work is a relief too....

Right now I am watching "Some like it hot" a 1959 movie staring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe about two musicians who witness the St. Valentines day massacre and dress up as women to avoid the mob but one of them falls in love with marlyn monroe and the other gets a rich suitor who won't take no for an answer. the film is in black and white but it is really funny and I recommend it allot.
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Marilyn Monroe - Diamonds are a girls best friend

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November 25th, 2004

02:40 am
So I am home for thanks giving break now so I finally have some free time to update. The reason for my lack of time other than face book has been research papers... two of them... While researching is pretty easy and in general I am pretty good at writing papers...(unless they are to be graded by the evil Doctor Simon Payaslian)

(I should warn people with heart conditions do not look directly at this photo for Payaslian is evil)
when these two words come together it means that the paper will need to be 8 times the length it needs to be to get its point across. But i got them both done and in record time I wrote so fast my fingers were bleeding. I just hope that that I get good grades on these papers. Other than those papers I don’t have much to talk about cause all I have done since them is played some halo drove home in thanks giving traffic increasing the length of the ride exponentially, slept and did a lil grocery shopping.

Oh I forgot I actually did a few things this weekend I saw some bands including Sate Radio which used to be Dispatch and if you ask me they should have stayed dispatch... I also saw a bunch of bands at Hunger Palooza the best of Which is Math the band they had a guy in a bunny suit and didn't play instruments in this show but they had prearranged computer generated background music and they had this song that went "Guitars and electric beats are all we need to move our feet" oh and don’t for get the bunny suit.... I also won the cup at the halo 2 tourney meaning I won a big coffee mug but at least I made it out of the first round which was really hard this year because some people have no lives other than Halo 2...

Oh for further info on math the band

Current Mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
Current Music: Dispatch - Prince Of Spades

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November 17th, 2004

02:59 am
I haven't updated for a while because face book is addictive. Right now I am watching The Book of Mormon the movie it was produced with one of the smallest budgets ever and like the book of Mormon it is absolutely insane. Not Saying Mormons are not good people and don't have strong family values but the book of Mormon is crazy for example it believes that a group of people left Jerusalem in 600 BC and crossed the Atlantic and settled in upstate New York, and this was inscribed on golden tablets that could only be read with magic glasses. But 10 million people believe it and it’s the fastest growing religion in the world so maybe I am crazy. May be my real problem is more so with protestant religions in general because I was raised catholic.

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Beatles - Fool on the hill

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November 14th, 2004

03:31 am
Tonight was allot of fun I just hung out with dana commons with Tor, Alana and Glenn, even though we did not do any thing special we all had a good time and I think the most fun is not necessarily amazing but enjoying the company your with and almost anything can be fun with the right people...

Last night is another story that I can't tell cause i can't remember it which scares me alot... All i Know is Chromeaide is really good...
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Eric Clapton - Change the world

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November 12th, 2004

12:56 pm - IT"S SNOWING
I love The snow so much... It is so beautiful I got out of my class and just expecting to see the sleet that was falling but when I got out i saw a sky full of falling flakes. This is why I love New England. I was a lil down on my last post but this snow is so amazing I am really happy I love snow more than I love taffy and I am a man who loves his taffy..

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03:17 am
Uhg.... Stressed.... I am not really sure why I mean I have two big Papers due before thanksgiving break but they are not totally real to me yet but just imagining these two Behemoths makes me tremble even though I pride myself for taking on even more powerful papers in less time, but this International Relations because it has to be political analysis so I can't prove my points with facts but I have to use ideas instead. Also there are some other things that stress me out lately but I don't want to get into them on line cause you never know who is reading but some people so at least its somewhat off my chest. God, I don't sound like a taoist it all right now I hafta calm down and just be happy deal things as they arise like i have in the past and not stress ever.
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: Reggie and The Full Effect - Apocolypse Wow

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November 11th, 2004

03:44 am
I just got a paper done. I managed to make it to the gym today and I mixed up mixem' up day by stealing a balloon from the caf( nothing compared to one of my great pie capers but I need to keep my skills sharp for next time they have apple pie)(I am not some sort of criminal but I hate Bon Apetit(they own the caf and the beast) and I express this by taking things( mainly pies) back to my suite) Now I just need some sleep I feel very accomplished and tired.... I guess I don't have Much to say but good night for now...
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Eagles - Desperato

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