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The Tao of Me

...or something to read when you're really bored

Devin S. FitzMaurice
19 July
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Whoa!! Hey I am a Student at Clark University, in Worcester Mass, and I am majoring in Geography, And ID (International Development)…. Ok that was smart introduce my self with my studies, Now every one prolly thinks I’m one of those kids who never leaves their room and studies but trust me that’s not me. Working that hard goes against my Taoist nature, and any ways I really don’t think you have to do that much work for any class I think people who work that much do it because they have nothing better to do. Honestly, I made this Journal purely to avoid work. But enough of that crap, here is a lil back round info on me, I am from Hartford CT, I am a registered Democrat but that’s just cause I’m a practical socialist( Nothing gets done with out compromise), I am a over all pet person I love almost all animals. Not for eating though I am a Vegetarian) but especially my dog Sugar. Well if you’re still reading now I hope you have a better idea about me but if not then your like me cause I read this and I’m still not sure what this bio says… oh I am on Face Book too now Facebook me!